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Hello everyone, I finally got some extra time to update our progress here at Gt Mobile Car Wash here in Athens ga. God has really been good to me and my family we are celebrating this year our 5th year anniversary. I understand that may businesses can not make it to this point but by the grace of God we have. Its a little wet down here in Athens right now. I just finished a human resource class and about to go in and re structure my plans for this spring. As nice as last year worked out Im now on another mission. My church needs the tithes and offerings to step up so that we can make this move from our little building to a bigger one so that we can get more souls in to preach and teach so that when we leave here we can go to heaven. Well I have vowed to not only sow 10 percent but to up the stakes to 20 percent. I know that the Lord is really blessing us but I would be a fool to take any of the credit for the work he is doing. Every year I do an assessment of the business to see what I can do better and what I have found is that if I make sure my home church from which I also serve as a minister at continues to prevail against the gates of hell so shall my business prevail against a downed economy. We never got any financing from the bank to make it this far. I say we because me and my wife started this business and now she has graduated to a full time house wife taking care of me and the kids. She still works sometimes but her hard work has payed off over the few years we have been in business. I want to do more business in the Madison Co area because of all the dirt roads and lack of detail shops here. Its all coming together folks. I want to also thank everyone that has posted detailing videos on you tube because there has been a lot of information  that I have learned from there like how to remove over spray and how to use the clay bar correctly. Thank God for the Internet.

Gt Mobile Car Wash

I would like to say hello to all of my new potential customers in the Madison Co area. Helloooooooooooooo everybody. We are exited to announce we are now serving the Colbert area so please feel free to give us a call at 404-707-7797 and we will make you an appointment and come out and make your car shine.

Gt Mobile Car Wash & Pressure Cleaning

Hello guys, Its been a while since I've posted but we have been busy out detailing and would like to announce that we are currently available to pressure clean houses gutters boats 18 wheelers no job to small or big. We are located here in Athens Ga and would love for you to join our new customer list. More work is coming in because the weaher is getting good so call in advance to assure that we are able to get to you.

GT Mobile Car Wash - On The Rise

Im sitting here in Hendershots in Athens Ga looking at the direction that Gt Mobile Car Wash is headed in. I remember the time when trying to find work was so hard and almost impossible, but the more I wake up and trust in the Lord to help me to provide for my family the more he makes a way. You see I just walked into the coffee shop and was as I greeting the customers already sitting enjoying their great coffee someone read from my van "Mobile Car Wash " the lady had a broke foot so you know she could not drive much so guys what guys yes your right I just finished detailing her land rover interior only. But I just want to thank God that work sometimes just comes to me without any effort, and by me confessing christ as Lord and Savior I must give him all the credit for his wonder working power. God is making a way for Gt Mobile to continue to remain in business I just got another customer that walked up to me with the keys got to end this one GOd bless put your trust in Jesus and you cant go wrong. GOD BLESS

GT Mobile Car Wash - Target Market

GT Mobile Car Wash LLC here in Athens Ga wants to welcome all business owners, fleets, medical facilities, office plazas and everyone that has a lot of vehicles to wash in Athens Ga, Hull Ga, Winterville Ga, Bishop Ga, Bogart Ga Monroe Ga, Farmington Ga, Nicholson Ga, Commerce Ga, Arcade Ga, Jefferson Ga call us now. If you have been dealing with a company and they have gotten slack or lazy on their work stop dealing with those issues and call us today. We are insured  and ready to go to work. We hate to turn down business of any size so dealers, autions, truckers, doctors, business owners, banks we want your business. GT Mobile Car Wash has people that are ready to work in any weather condition to cold for your detailers tell them about our attitude. We come to you.

GT Mobile Car Wash Open During Winter Months

Hello guys its me again the owner of GT Mobile Car Wash in Athens Ga. Anyone in the following counties: That need to prep cars for income tax time , auctions, auto dealers , and private owners if you live in Athens Ga , Commerce Ga, Nicholson Ga, Winterville Ga, Hull Ga, Bogart Ga, Watkinsville Ga , Statham Ga or any county near Athens that is not on the list, please feel free to give GT Mobile Car Wash here in Athens Ga a call. We notice that some people who sell cars during the winter lose there detailers due to such cold weather.

GT Mobile Car Wash Service Area

GT Mobile Car Wash  here in Athens Ga currently serve the following counties: All of Athens Ga, Nicholson Ga, Commerce Ga, Arcade Ga, Jefferson Ga, Bogart Ga, Watkinsville Ga, Bishop Ga, Hull Ga. We are closed on Sunday and Monday but open for business on Tue - Sat please check website for current hours. We are Licensed and Insured up to $ 1,000,000.00 and ready to serve who ever calls. We Come To You and We Love What We Do!!!

Service Area

Hello Everyone, I want to say thanks to everyone that has checked out the GT Mobile Website. Im still working on it. I just wanted to clarify GT Mobile Car Wash service areas. They include the following: Athens Ga, Nicholson Ga, Commerce Ga , Arcade Ga, Jefferson Ga, Bogart Ga, Watkinsville Ga, Bishop Ga, and Hull Ga. If you live in any of the following counties please feel free to take advantage of our elite mobile detail service We work year round so feel free to call us when the temps are in the 40's and 50's its never to cold to make money. Call to schedule a Wash Wax or Shampoo. Most existing customers ask will we come out to do only one car, if your money is green and the checks will clear we say yes why not. Here at GT Mobile Car Wash in Athens Ga we love what we do thats why we can work in the cold because we consider detailing a hobby not a dreadful job. This is our 3rd year in business and we are here to stay. We are insured up to $ 1,000,000.00 this covers any damage that could possibly happen while your car is in our care. All details are  hand washed and rinsed with low pressure.Please check out our pictures and videos at and share the website with anyone you think may need our services. WE COME TO YOU!!

GT Mobile Car Wash - The Desire 2 B The Best

Trying to express how you feel on the inside is easy to do. You know how it is when there is a burning desire on the inside to do something great. Well for everyone who can relate to what I am saying. Owning GT Mobile Car Wash       here in Athens Ga I desire to take detailing to the next level. One of my goals is to Own and operate the BEST most RELIABLE mobile car wash in athens Ga and the surrounding counties. Somebody is saying well how do you expect to do that? Well I want to be the most dependable, convenient, organized,reffered,respected and the most talked about in Athens Ga and the surrounding co. If you are a business owner yourself you know that sometimes you got to go the extra mile for the customer, that Im willing to do.  Im here to serve you through auto detailing with not only a wash rag and windex but with my heart also.  See cleaning up cars is what I do. I promise myself to be great at what ever I have to do in life. Having a mobile service gives me the opportunity to do just that How, because when you call your depending on me to show up and I'm there. Guess what guys theres no lines to wait in ,no uncomfortable environment to deal with, and no anxiety attacks wondering is you left something of high value in the car and will it still be there when who ever the guy washed it is finished.I want to be your personal detail company where honesty is of great importance to me and to you. Have your car washed while at work or in the comfort and security of your own home. This is a great service to take advantage of. We come to you Gt Mobile Car Wash. My attitude is set I am the best in the Mobile Detail Industry in Northeast Ga and my dedication to each of my customers one at a time will reflect this attitude. If you can see it you can acheive it. Be Blessed !! Gt Mobile Car Wash Athens Ga.

GT Mobile Car Wash Athens Ga - My Motivation

It is amazing what God can do for a person in a down economy. My motivation is Jesus Christ and I must give all the credit to him which he rightfully deserves. My Wife and I started out in Ga with only a couple of uncashed unemployment checks. Mind you we are not rich but the lights are one , rent is payed , clothes on our back, food in the refrigerator. There are many diffrent things that helps motivate me on the job. But being able to see my blessings is the most important aspect of my life. The bible says that when you work go out and work as if you are laboring unto God. We all know that we put on our best to go to church, we smell our best, and we now have to put forth our best work while laboring . The bible says that God will bless everything that your hands touch. So dont give up guys.  Gain a relationship with our heavely father and watch what God can do in your life. God gives me the strenght to work in 35 degree weather in the winter time, and the truth be told I love the colder months more than the summer.  There in no competion on the streets in these months so It gives me the upper edge on the warmer days. I love what I do and I would not change anything about it. If becoming a small business owner either in detailing  or baking cakes the truth is that U CAN DO IT , U CAN DO IT. You dont need the banks money all you need is Jesus Christ  as your co signer and watch it all unfold. Dont give up on God because he is your source. For with God all things are possible. If you beleive this ACT LIKE IT !