Gt Mobile Car Wash & Detail - 706-389-0709
Gt Mobile Bronze Hand Wash(Exterior Only)
Exterior Wash, Windows, Black Magic Tire Shine,
Cars & Small Trucks $ 25.00
Full Size Trucks & SUV’s $ 30.00
GT Mobile Quick Wash
Wash & Vac Only !!
windows,tire dressing air freshener
35.00 cars 40.00 SUV/ Trucks
Gt Mobile Gold Hand Wash
Exterior Hand Wash, Vac, Dust Wipe Down, Door Jambs, Clean Console(s), Cup Holder(s), Ash Tray, GT Mobile Super Gloss Tire Shine, and Air Freshener                 Cars $45.00     Small SUV's & Small Trucks $ 45.00
Full Size Trucks & SUV’s $ 50.00
Dully trucks, Muddy trucks, Extremely Dirty Vehicles ARE EXTRA
Gt Mobile Platinum Hand Wash – Owner  Recommended
Includes Gold Wash plus: Extra Super Gloss tire shine, Spray Wax (keeps the car cleaner longer and intensifies the shine),  Rain-X applied to windshield,all 4 floor mats cleaned.
Cars $ 65.00
Small Trucks & Small SUV's $ 70.00
Full Size Trucks & SUV’s $ 75.00
Muddy trucks are extra no exceptions
 GT Mobile Full Interior Detail + (Gold Hand Wash)
Carpet extracted, Seats (leather or cloth) cleaned , door panels,headliner, cup holders, console (in and around), air freshener, vents dusted
Cars & Small SUV's  125.00
Vans, Full Size Trucks, SUV"s 150.00
Extremely dirty extra charge
GT Glittering Gold Hand Wax + (Gold Wash)
Meguiar Cleaner Wax applied with a Microfiber Cloth dual action polisher or Hand Wax!!
Cars & Small SUV's 130.00
Vans, Full Size Trucks, SUV's 150.00
No compounding
 GT Mobile (Mirror-like Shine) 3 step:Compound, Polish, & Wax (buffed with high-speed and polished & waxed with dual action polisher)
This process removes scratches, swirls, water-spots, restores paint color, and removes oxidation.
Cars & Small SUV's 200.00
Vans, Full Size Trucks, SUV's 225.00
claybar add 50.00
basic vac and wipe down included
Dog hair removal (most vehicles) add 10.00 
Headlight Restoration: Lights are sanded,polished, and sealed 60.00 per pair
Engine Degrease 25.00( Not responsible for any damage to engine during cleaning process)
Armor All (finders and bumpers) add 10.00
Call for pricing for homes, driveways, porches, campers ,buses, fleets etc.