GT Mobile Car Wash LLC - WASH WAX SHAMPOO   WE COME 2 U !!
Gt Mobile Bronze Hand Wash(Exterior Only)
Exterior Wash, Windows, Black Magic Tire Shine,
Cars & Small Trucks $ 15.00
Full Size Trucks & SUV’s $ 20.00
GT Mobile Quick Wash
Wash & Vac Only !!
windows,tire dressing air freshener
25.00 cars 30.00 SUV/ Trucks
Gt Mobile Gold Hand Wash
Exterior Hand Wash, Vac, Dust Wipe Down, Door Jambs, Clean Console(s), Cup Holder(s), Ash Tray, GT Mobile Super GlossTire Shine, and Air Freshener                 Cars $30.00     Small SUV's & Small Trucks $ 35.00
Full Size Trucks & SUV’s $ 40.00
Gt Mobile Platinum Hand Wash – Owner  Recommended
Includes Gold Wash plus: Extra Super Gloss tire shine, extra air freshener, Spray Wax (keeps the car cleaner longer and intensifies the shine),  Rain-X applied to windshield,all 4 floor mats cleaned.
Cars $ 35.00
Small Trucks & Small SUV's $ 40.00
Full Size Trucks & SUV’s $ 45.00
 GT Mobile Full Interior Detail + (Gold Hand Wash)
Carpet extracted, Seats (leather or cloth) cleaned , door panels,headliner, cup holders, console (in and around), air freshener, vents dusted
Cars & Small SUV's  100.00
Vans, Full Size Trucks, SUVs 120.00
GT Glittering Gold Hand Wax + (Gold Wash)
Meguiar Cleaner Wax applied with a Microfiber Cloth (No Machine) Hand Wax!!
Cars & Small SUV's 85.00
Vans, Full Size Trucks, SUV's 100.00
 GT Mobile (Mirror-like Shine) Compound, Polish, & Wax (buffed with high-speed polisher)
This process removes scratches, swirls, waterspots, restores paint color, and removes oxidation.
Cars & Small SUVs 175.00
Vans, Full Size Trucks,SUVs 225.00
Dog hair removal (most vehicles) add 20.00 &^
Headlight Restoration 25.00 per light
Engine Degrease 25.00
Armor All (finders and bumpers) add 20.00
Call for pricing for homes, driveways, porches, campers ,buses, fleets etc.